Project Description

Company Profile Video or a Corporate Film is a must in our times. Gone are the days when a brochure or a Powerpoint would be enough to introduce your company . To make a mark in a content populated age where the attention span of viewers is less than 6 seconds, you need something compelling to keep your audience hooked. The audio and visual aspect of a video becomes an effective tool when it comes to engaging viewers.

This video was created by FlowInk Pictures for Mandira Marketing Private Limited, a unit of Sona Group. MMPL is a global leader in manufacturing steering and chassis related components. In this video we have tried to capture all the aspects of the business- manufacturing plant, vision, competitive advantage, ambition and management. For this video, FlowInk team worked on all the stages of video production: Script, Storyboard, Voiceover, Filming and Post-production

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