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Video Ads: 5 things you must know

By | February 23rd, 2021|Blogs|

We have all grown up watching or listening to advertisements on TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines and now, the Internet. We have come to associate certain thoughts and emotions with these ads. Some of these ads have stayed with us and in some ways influenced our purchasing choices over the years. That's the power of advertisement. If [...]

3 videos every small business needs

By | February 15th, 2021|Blogs|

India is a growing market which means there are more and more businesses trying their best to be known and capture the attention of their target audience. As a small business yourself, you know how important it is to attract and engage your customers. You have probably even tried many ways of marketing and promoting your [...]

Why should businesses invest in advertising?

By | February 11th, 2021|Blogs|

The history of advertisement and how it impacts the human brain is not a linear story. There are many theories, contradictory beliefs and even verified sciences that have helped in tracing the early beginnings of advertisement. But whatever be the source, one thing is clear- advertising works and it always has. But why? Let’s look at [...]

5 Types of Videos Every Business Must Have

By | February 1st, 2021|Blogs|

Year after year, numerous surveys are done and quite expectedly each one of them proves that video consumption has quite literally exploded. CEOs, marketing heads, advertising gurus have unanimously accepted the power of videos and the impact they can have on their business. But the story doesn’t end there. To be able to leverage and capitalize [...]

FlowInk Pictures Records 5-Star Rated First Review on Clutch

By | January 31st, 2021|Blogs|

Marketers and businesses alike recognize the fact that videos convert. Using videos as a marketing tool will certainly elevate the presence of your business. However, there are a lot of technical aspects of video production that you may not be familiar with if you’ve never been behind the scenes. Even for a 30-second video clip, it [...]

5 powerful reasons for businesses to invest in videos

By | January 14th, 2021|Blogs|

Today, marketers around the world swear by the power of videos to grow their business and help them achieve more.

When does your business need an explainer video?

By | December 22nd, 2020|Blogs|

Before we address ‘when’, let’s first answer: Who needs an explainer video? The simple answer is- EVERYONE. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, every organization needs an explainer video. It's a no-brainer really. As long as you want your business to grow and evolve, as long as you want to tap into new [...]

When FlowInk Pictures was in News

By | September 4th, 2019|Blogs|

To be recognized for your work is possibly the best thing that can happen to those who are passionate about it. But to be covered by leading newspapers feels truly special. The team of FlowInk Pictures woke up on Aug 21, 2019 to find the name of the production house mentioned in almost all the leading [...]

7 keys to producing a successful event video

By | January 31st, 2018|Blogs|

Whether it’s a glamorous fashion show, an interesting book launch, an informative medical conference, an inspiring startup meet, or a ground-breaking TED talk, event videos are one of the most interesting, yet demanding video production jobs. Often companies or organisers leave the job of event video production to event organisers to save their time and effort [...]

7 things you are doing wrong with your TEDx videos

By | June 20th, 2017|Blogs|

How far do we need to go to find answers to our questions, to find ideas that could inspire us or to look for solutions to our problems? In the age of Internet, it takes a few clicks of the button to share ideas and create new ones. TED talks, which are conceptualised and designed to [...]

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