Video Editing

As one of the premiere video production companies in Delhi NCR, FlowInk Pictures provides video editing services to businesses and individuals. Video editing is the process of organising, adjusting, improving and correcting video footages in order to prepare a complete, consistent and comprehensive video narrative for the desired purpose.

FlowInk Pictures offers professional post production video editing services which include audio and video editing, DI, colour correction, 2d and 3d animation and VFX. Whether it is a chroma(green screen) shoot or on-set live action shoot or a fusion of live action and animation, we take care of everything ranging from creating 3d virtual environments to adding advanced lighting and special effects.

Also, as it often happens, companies have a lot of unused videos and images from their previous events, conferences, seminars or functions. Instead of the footages lying unused, companies could use them creatively and effectively to create compelling audiovisuals that could be used as a part of their marketing, branding and communication strategies.

Get in touch with us and let us add some magic to your videos.