Project Description

With the increase in consumption of video content on the Internet, it has become imperative for companies to work out a full-fledged plan for digital marketing. After all when your customers have moved online, why shouldn’t you? That is why YouTube commercial or ads made for social media have emerged as a great way of targeting customers. They can be produced in a fraction of what you invest for TV commercial, there is no time-restriction on the length of the video and you can selectively target your customers. It is a win-win situation, especially for startups for whom making an advertisement is a bold move.

This YouTube commercial was made by FlowInk Pictures team for Fabrento, a furniture rental company.  For a startup or a new brand, an ad film or a commercial is one of the most effective ways to announce itself to the wider audience. Therefore, it is important that companies get it right when they go for a video. A good advertisement needs a clear understanding of what you want to promote, who is your target audience, how to target that audience and what do you ultimately want to achieve through your advertisement.

All these questions may seem easy and simple, but they are crucial. It helps the video production agency understand and design the ad to suit the taste and humor of your target audience. At FlowInk Pictures, we work with you to find answers to these apparently simple question, devise the concept and only then embark on producing an advertisement for you. This helps us get the point across in the crispest, most influential and relatable manner.

If you are looking to get a Youtube advertisement or an ad film for social media made or even corporate video, you are at the right destination. Our team of expert video professionals would love to help you. All you need to do is drop a mail at [email protected] or call us at 8527806042 and we will get in touch with you immediately.