Project Description

This viral web commercial was made by FlowInk Pictures. It is a parody of another well-known brand’s style of marketing. Many well-known and mainstream brands often opt for unconventional video content to target and entertain their target customers while imparting information about their own product. Such videos leverage on the popularity of the original concept while marketing themselves. These kinds of videos and ad films are a great source of entertainment and a tool for marketing.

At FlowInk Pictures, we are always on a look out for interesting ideas and concepts. We help our clients increase their penetration and build a stronghold among their target audience. If you have an interesting idea or concept or are looking for interesting ways to market your product and services through videos, you are at the right destination.

When you decide to use video as a marketing tool it is crucial that you consider your target audience. Knowing your consumers helps us design the ad film or the video to suit their taste and connect with them. This spoof video was published on Youtube and Facebook, and became very popular, garnering close to a million views.

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