Project Description

Indian Food is more than curries or butter chicken or chicken tikka masala, wouldn’t you agree? How about tasting some desi India chaat in a grand new avatar or duck served in a cornetto or our old naan stuffed with blue cheese to shock your palate or the age-old Daulat ki chaat from the fabled Chandni Chowk? Are these Indian dishes or International dishes with an ‘Indian Accent’?

This documentary was produced by FlowInk Pictures team for OhMore Media, a multicultural tribe of storytellers. The subject of this documentary is the acclaimed celebrity chef, Chef Manish Mehrotra, Corporate Chef, Indian Accent. Chef Manish has played an important role in putting Indian cuisine on the global culinary map. Dubbed as the most exciting modern Indian chef of our times by critics and guests alike, Chef Manish has pushed the boundaries of Indian cuisine, broken stereotypes and made it a truly global cuisine.

In this documentary, we have tried to capture the magic he creates on the plate every single time and the thought that goes behind each of his inventions. We are proud to present to our viewers this documentary on Chef Manish, the man on the mission to present to the world what Indian cuisine really tastes like.

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