Project Description

The answer to the question whether you need an explainer video is always Yes. Explainer video is a great marketing tool in your suite of armour to put forth your ideas in a succinct, engaging and effective manner. Explainer Video breaks down even the most complex concept into simple, meaningful and easy-to-understand ideas. With the help of illustration, voiceover and animation, you can communicate with your audience without any chance of miscommunication.

Travel and Hospitality sector can greatly benefit from explainer videos. True, you need to give your audience a glimpse of destinations to sell your product. But beyond pretty photos, you also need to explain your services, USPs and outshine your competitors. That’s the advantage an explainer video offers you.

FlowInk Pictures is an end-to-end video production company based in Delhi. We help you with the entire video production process, right from script to storyboard, voiceover, animation and music and SFX. Our team of expert writer, designers, animators and artists collaborates with your team to create the most amazing video content.

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